Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I apologize for the fits and starts that mark my blogging over the past couple of months. Sometimes the avalanche of ministry precludes writing as much as I would like. I presume busyness is why Paul only has two letters to the Corinthian church (I know, Good Scholar, many believe the Bible preserves three letters ... and that he references other letters within those letters ... save your critical skills for later please). I think the reason so many of Paul's letters were written from prison was because that's when he slowed down enough to write.

I liken it to one of my favorite kids in the youth group when I was a minister in Florida. He wanted to become a comedian so one day he decided to practice his jokes on me. He had only two categories of jokes: toilet and doctors office waiting room. When he finished I asked him if he noticed that the only the only time he came up with jokes was when he was forced to sit quietly by himself.

So ... I'm stopping for just a moment to post some pictures and make some comments. I'll try to do better in the coming months.

Loved this photo posted by a friend of facebook:

Two 4 Two is over for this season. Worship on Wednesday night was good. I'll miss it.

I'll also miss getting time to interact with fine young'ns like Jude here.

We've got more than our share of great kids at Grandview.

This past fall we've had a preaching intern, Sung Bauta. He's been wonderful to have around I value the perspective of a someone from Nigeria who grew up in a predominately Muslim area. Sung and I will be preaching together this weekend and then we'll say goodbye.

Sung: it's been great having you around.

I like this picture of Patrick and Cora as we were off to Kingsport for their chorus concert. It was the first time I met Patrick and I thought he was funny and smart.

My motorcycle continues to be a great way to relax. I've gotten to ride a little bit in the past couple of months. Ross Russell introduced me to the ride to Hot Springs, NC. It's a beautiful trip and a lot of fun. It will become a regular on my rotation.

That's it for now.