Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Last week's Two 4 Two

Two 4 Two had another fine night last week. Here are some pictures from the night.

Frank and Dee ... the happy couple.

Patience in the light.

Colton takes a break from supper.

Abby is growing up quickly these days.

If you haven't heard Thomas pray, then you've really missed out.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Touching Base!

Tomorrow begins a new sermon series. We have three weeks of stewardship emphasis. We will focus on the journey of one of Jesus' disciples, looking at his call, his celebration, and his follow-through.I haven't blogged about the demise of The Oasis, my favorite coffee shop. Sadly, The Oasis has gone the way of all independent coffee shops in Johnson City. Oh, sure, the Mall version lives on; but the community that gathered at the university location has been dispersed; scattered like the children of Israel in the wake of ancient conquerors. Too bad. I continue to believe that coffee shops are the modern equivalent of the front porch. They are places where you can see some of the same people over and over until you become connected.

Barrista Brent and Owner Chuck gave me a goodbye smile.

And this was my last cup of coffee.

Also, Happy Birthday to Cindy's grandfather! He turned 93 on Tuesday. He seems to be doing really well. Several folks from Grandview visit him from time to time. He always tells me how much he appreciates those visits. Thanks to all!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sneak Peak

Aaahhhh ... the mellifluous tones of Frank Davis and his voice-over for the Grandview stewardship slideshows (coming soon to a worship service near you.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Two 4 Two: Hoodu U: Session 1

We had a great start to the Two 4 Two. I will post the Professor Huso video when I get a non-DVD version for the internet.

Meanwhile, here are some pics from the evening. We had a good bunch and the evening seemed to go really well.

Colton and Griffin enjoying hot dogs at supper.

Becky enjoying a nap in the foyer.

Drew and Ethan.

Doug the new Dinner Dean

Jim and Colin.

Ryan cheeses with the girls from table 3.

Mattheus and Savannah.

Heather's new kitchen gloves.

Holly and Beth take time for a photo while cleaning things up.

Bethany and Hannah.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two 4 Two returns!

Welcome back to the weekly Two 4 Two reports. The week has been a bit crazy, but everything is coming together.

Here is tomorrow night's slideshow for the opening of Rendezvous. It's packed with pictures that most of you have already seen, but the treat at the end of the show is that there are some pictures from 4 years ago. You'll see how much the kids have grown. II wish I had more pictures, but I wasn't blogging back then, which means I wasn't taking pictures either.

The end of the slideshow also unveils the theme for this fall's Two 4 Two. Enjoy ... and see you tomorrow

Friday, September 11, 2009

Some nice moments...

The thing about a blog is that it's very little more than image management. I try to avoid unflattering pictures (of myself and others). I also don't report on things that might be driving me crazy at the moment. Why? Those things don't really advance our cause.

Image management isn't new. It existed before blogs and will exist through every medium. I've wondered if I should start an anonymous blog under the name "Reverend Sparx Fury." If I were anonymous I could say whatever I felt like saying without owning any of the consequences.

Maybe anonymity isn't such a good thing!

Feel free to glance at the pictures below. They are pictures I'm happy for you to see. They are in no particular order; nor are they on a single topic. Blogging regularly is tough!

Cindy and I went out to supper last night, thanks to a gift card from her office mates. They gave us the gift card to celebrate my graduating from Asbury ... we finally cashed it in last night. The restaurant is a little place in Limestone Cove. It was a pretty night to drive in Unicoi County.

Cindy had the grouper and I had the filet. Excellent food ... much more excellent than you would expect to find in a little cafe in Unicoi County (thanks, Cindy's office mates!).
This is just a picture of me on my brother's rope swing. I had to hold on for dear life, but I did it. Roger Allman took the photo. Looking at the picture now, I'm really glad I didn't wind up hanging myself.This is a shot of the Two4Two preview put on by Ryan Bader, youth minister extraordinaire'. This was last Wednesday night and gave adults a chance to see what the youth do after Rendezvous on Wednesday nights.

This is Cora. I picked her up at school yesterday so she could get her spacers put in. Braces, here we come!

I just thought the sky looked great on Wednesday. Rainy. Cloudy. And beautiful. I love to look at the stained glass windows next to the views our sanctuary provides.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Tomorrow's Offering

I'm back in the saddle (and the pulpit) this weekend. Special thanks to Mike Sweeney for preaching this past Sunday. We are blessed at Grandview to have such fine folks as a part of our church.

Tomorrow I will begin a new series. For three weeks we will focus on the nature of the gospel. I'm excited about this series because I'm doing it in conjunction with three other ministers. Having their input into the sermon creation process is like getting a cold cup of water in Jesus' name.

So, special thanks to Derek Murphy (student at Emmanuel and senior minister at Buffalo Christian Church up in Bluff City), Scott Wakefield (senior minister at First Christian Church in Greeneville, Tennessee and son of John and Vicki Wakefield), and Ryan Starr (senior minister at Airport Christian Church.

Tomorrow's Sermon is entitled, "The Gospel? What's In It For Me?"
Bob Hall (the younger) will be praying in the 11am service and his prayer will be shared with Sam Vaughn, who will lead the pastoral prayer in the Table service. If you want a sneak peak, follow the link: Bob's Prayer.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Sunday Away

The teachers prepare to school their minister in long distance riding. They look concerned to me.
We arrived in Mecca to discover a beautiful day for the MotoGP race (I know ... I know ... there are no MotoGP fans at Grandview ... or anywhere else in my life! That's okay. I understand.)
Look closely and you will see race winner, Jorge Lorenzo swinging from the fence like Spiderman (or, as he said with his Spanish accent, "Like Speederman."

Here is a bike that crashed out being taken away in the back of a truck. This bike is only a 125cc bike, but it still goes over 150 mph.

Just to make sure you all know. I went to church on Sunday morning before the race. Thankfully, Mt. Gilead had an 8:30am service. Your preacher goes to church ... even. on. race. day.